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We only list genuine survey companies who pay their panelists. All survey sites listed on this website are free to join & do not require you to pay any amount at any point of time.

This survey list is for residents of India. If you are not from India then please go to your country page to get the surveys available to you
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  1. Global Test Market
    They offer you "points" for completing surveys & then the "points" are converted into cash when you make a redemption request. The minimum payout is $50. The checks are mailed to your address. The frequency of surveys is very good.
  2. Ciao India
    Ciao India offers Rs 20-200 for each survey you complete.  You also receive Rs 15 for every referral that you make. Since Ciao has opened the India operations recently (2006) the incentives are on the lower side. But going ahead it is likely to increase. You can get paid in cheque or through Indiatimes gift vouchers.  
  3. American Consumer Opinion
    One of the older Survey sites on the internet. It sends you a check once the minimum amount is reached ($10). You can either earn through surveys or through draws. One of the most reputed Survey sites. Cash incentives are very good.
  4. Vanderbilt University e-Lab
    e-Lab is the research arm of the Vanderbilt University. They conduct surveys & experiments. While the number of surveys & experiments conducted are less, just by being a member you are entered into a draw to win $250 every month, this we think is pretty good. There is also another draw for participating in surveys & experiments. Checks are sent over within 6-8 weeks. Credibility of this programme is good as it is part of the Vanderbilt University.
  5. NPD Online Research
    NPDOR provides you surveys at regular intervals & after you complete each survey you get a chance to win $1,000. They have many other prizes as well. Your chances of winning increase with each referral you make.    
  6. Spidermetrix
    Earn points to complete surveys, update your profile, write reviews, refer friends & complete "quickies" (short fun surveys). They have a unique system of earning points, the more points you have the more you earn through surveys. You can redeem your points by requesting payment, donate to charity, gift vouchers etc. Minimum payment amount is AU$50 for cash payments (check/Paypal) or AU$35 for Vouchers.
  7. SurveySavvy
    One of the premier Survey sites on the internet. It offers you money for completing surveys, there is no minimum payment amount (so you can request payment as soon as you receive money) & the check is mailed to your address. The incentive for completing surveys is typically $4-$25 for each survey. You also receive cash for each survey your referrals complete.
  8. SixQuestions
    A truly unique programme. You earn points for submitting polls, completing polls, rating questions, referring friends, uploading your picture & more. Points can be converted to cash, prizes or a raffle ticket. While the pay rates are on the lower side, there is no limit to how much you can earn here. If you want to have fun & earn at the same time then you should signup with this programme.
  9. Yahoo!
    Yahoo! offers a wide variety of surveys, studies & focus groups. You can receive $50 or more depending on the type of research. The credibility of Yahoo! is an added advantage.
  10. BuzzBack (Worldwide)
    BuzzBack is one of the Pioneer's of online surveys. Its pays good incentives though the frequency of surveys is average. Incentives are Cash, sweepstakes, gift certificates, etc.

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